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Restocks and Huge Preview of Battletech Releases From Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs has some big restocks going on with <whoop! whoop! whoop!> Battletech. Now, we don't normally post about restocks, because that would definitely fill the feed up a bit much. HOWEVER, when the same article also shows off literally over a dozen new products coming out soon for the game, that's a bit of a different story.

From the announcement:

Of note, the reprint of A Game of Armored Combat boxed set totalled 25,000 copies, the largest single printing of any product that Catalyst Game Labs has ever done, and the largest of any BattleTech product by any company since the mid-1990s. This huge print run comes on top of 40,000 total copies of that boxed set alone already on the market–not counting the Beginner Box or Clan Invasion boxed set!

To celebrate this achievement, we’ve worked hard to put together a comprehensive preview of the year ahead in BattleTech, including never before seen artwork and covers of upcoming products!