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Residuum Post-Apocalyptic RPG Up On Kickstarter

D: Cleff Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Residuum, a new sci-fi, post-apocalyptic RPG. The game is designed to be very adaptable. No two gamers are entirely alike, let alone two gaming groups, so the game is designed to be able to cater to different styles of play and themes that players like.

From the campaign:

Residuum is a passion project seven years in the making. It is a role playing game in a post apocalyptic Earth setting (although you may choose to set your campaign anywhere you like: a Human colony on Mars? a massive multigenerational spaceship? It's your choice). This Kickstarter is for the core rulebook which contains rules for character creation and game mechanics as well as tools for Game Masters to create their own homebrew campaigns. The vision is for this game to be adaptable to the play styles of any group. You are free to play with or without a grid/miniatures. You can create powerful synergies with vast multi-classing options or stick to one class. GMs can create setting and adversaries using the idea seeds in the book or creating their own from scratch. It's YOUR game. Play it how YOU like.


There are 24 playable character classes that span across 3 races: Humans, Mutants, and The Bellati (an alien race). As your character "levels up," choose skills or powers from any of the classes within their race as well as talents that are available to all characters; there are thousands of unique combinations that are possible by making a only a few simple choices. Creating and customizing the exact character that you want can be almost as fun as playing a game, but it can be time consuming to sift through volumes of materials that go along with deep customization options. One of my favorite tabletop games of all time is Smash Up by Paul Peterson. It is a shuffle building game where you essentially pit two factions of your choice against your opponent’s two factions. There are only eight factions to choose from (not including the plethora of expansions), and I was amazed at the variety of options and complex interactions that arose by making only two choices from that relatively small pool of decks. I wanted to add that simple yet intriguing customizability in the creation and leveling process of a character.

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 20 days left to go.