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Reprint of 1889: History of Shikoku Railways Up On Kickstarter

A reprint and re-release of the 1889: History of Shikoku Railways is up on Kickstarter. Take on the role of a businessperson in the city, looking to cash in on the end of the sakoku period in Japan's history by building railroads, you'll compete against one-another for space and riders.

From the campaign:

Japan's period of sakoku (鎖国, "locked country") has ended. The Meiji Restoration is underway and an explosion of technology has overtaken the country, with the locomotive as the leading symbol of modernization. The island of Shikoku is no exception as railway operations emerge around the island and entrepreneurs attempt to make their fortune. 

In Shikoku 1889, you play the role of these entrepreneurs, starting and operating railways corporations to build Shikoku's railway network with the hopes that you will have amassed more wealth than any of your competitors by the end of the railway revolution.

Shikoku 1889 is a re-release of the classic 18xx title "1889: History of Shikoku Railways". For nearly 2 decades, 1889 has been considered to be the best introduction to the 18xx genre for its short playtime and simplicity to teach. Even though Shikoku 1889 is simple enough to be your first 18xx experience, it has an incredible depth that will take many plays to unpack. You can read about my personal experience discovering this game's depth here.

The campaign's more than 3x funded with 19 days left to go.