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Renegade Game Studios and WizKids Announce Wardlings RPG Setting

Oh, to be a kid again and have an adventuring companion and go out and explore the world. Alas, I'm an old bear now and have no adventuring companion. But I can live vicariously through Wardlings. Renegade Game Studios has announced that they're coming out with an RPG campaign setting based on the figures made by WizKids.

From the announcement:

Renegade Game Studios, a premier board and role-playing game publisher, and WizKids, a leading pre-painted miniatures publisher, are thrilled to announce the upcoming Wardlings campaign setting. Designed by industry veteran Elisa Teague, this 5th Edition compatible book will give players a chance to create and explore stories centered around the miniatures from WizKids’ Wardlings product line. Players will embark on enchanted adventures along with their favorite magical animal companions.