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Renegade Game Studios Taking Pre-orders for Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a fad that's swept across the nation. There's thousands of shops all over and people are trying new combinations all the time. In Bubble Tea, a new game coming from Renegade Game Studios, you've opened up your own Bubble Tea shop and are working hard to create drinks your customers will love. Renegade's taking pre-orders for this new game now.

About the game:

Boba drinks have never looked so cute! In Bubble Tea, from designer and illustrator AzaChen, you take on the role of a bubble tea shop owner, racing to satisfy thirsty customers.

You can play solo, or with up to four friends (who become rival bubble tea shop owners) in two game modes. Inside the box you'll find a shaker and dice, which you use to shake and roll, which shows the customer's order. You'll then race by using tea base cards and transparent ingredient cards to match the order. You'll want to be both fast and accurate, as customers can be particular about how their drinks are mixed.

You can finish the game in 20 minutes, and despite having mixed a ton of drinks, you'll want to throw the ingredients back in the shaker and play it again.