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Renegade Game Studios Taking Pre-orders For Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Allies Pack 1

The Power Rangers kick a lot of ass. However, they can't always defeat whatever villain is threatening the universe themselves. They've got plenty of help in the form of their various allies. And if you're playing Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, you might want some of those allies in your game. Thankfully, Renegade Game Studios has started taking pre-orders for Ranger Allies Pack #1 on their website.

From the website:

In the quest to defeat the evil that threatens our world, sometimes the Power Rangers need a little help! That’s where Ranger Allies come in!

Enhance your game with five legendary heroes from across time and space who have each helped the Rangers in their fight against evil. This expansion includes various allies including Ninjor, Phantom Ranger, Shadow Ranger, Magna Defender, and Zeo Gold Ranger!