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Renegade Game Studios Taking Pre-Orders For Kinds on Bikes: Strange Adventures

Wanna ride bikes!?!?

It's the punchline to probably my favorite knock-knock joke, but it's also what you'll ask one-another in Kids on Bikes, the horror RPG from Renegade Game Studios all about groups of kids going around town and solving supernatural mysteries. The game's gotten quite a rave following, and now it's getting a new expansion. Strange Adventures is more than just a set of adventure hooks, it's also a guide on storytelling in the KWB universe. You can pre-order your copy now.

From the website:

Odd events are happening in Small Towns. There are Shadows in Sharon Hollow, Strange Things are afoot at the Circle Q... Not to mention there is some Double Trouble at Skateland! Will a bunch of Boxcar Boys, face a Minor Threat of Ghosts & Steel? Or will there be a Culling in Cheyenne? Only YOU can find out!

Strange Adventures Volume One is a non-core book of adventure hooks and story guidelines to help you find new adventures in the RPG Kids on Bikes. Featuring 20 unique towns under the writing expertise of both new and seasoned story writers - such as Ross Watson, Scott Woodard, Elisa Teague, Matt Colville, Sen-Foong Lim, and Amanda Harmon Kunz.

Find out more, in this edition of STRANGE ADVENTURES!