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Renegade Game Studios Previews Free RPG Day Swag

Free RPG Day is one of the coolest days of the year. You can head out to your LGS and they might have some cool, free stuff for some of your favorite games and holding events all around playing pretend with your friends (I say that lovingly, as someone who plays pretend with my friends most weekends). I can't guarantee they'll have the events this year, but they'll still possibly have the cool stuff. And Renegade Game Studios is showing off what they'll be adding to the kit.

From the article:

Free RPG Day is coming on July 25th!  In partnership with our friends at Hunters Entertainment and Oni Games, we’re making available 3 games available for free through your friendly local game stores! Jump into the action with these FREE adventures and quick start guides!

  • Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse Quickstart
  • Overlight:  The Lost Spire of Tziuhquatl
  • Kids on Brooms!