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Renegade Game Studios Announces Power Rangers RPG

Renegade already kinda spoiled this back when they were talking about their new Essence20 RPG, but now they've got the specific full release up. They're working on a Power Rangers RPG. You can even head over and get your pre-orders in for various bits of the game. Shredding Guitar Solos sold separately.

From the announcement:

Just in case you missed all the news coming out of RenegadeCon Virtual Special Edition this past weekend, today we are proud to announce the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game with a full slate of products to make it easy to bring the world of Angel Grove to life for your group. This game will use our new Essence20 Roleplaying System. To learn more about Essence20, check out the announcement here! First up is the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game core rulebook!