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Renegade Game Studios Announces Deal with Huch to Release Trajan

I know, that headline sounds like the release of a political prisoner or something. But this isn't the right type of website for that kind of news. This is about the board game Trajan. Renegade Game Studios has announced that they're teaming up with Huch in order to release the game via their distribution channels. Expect games to be hitting store shelves this December.

From the announcement:

Renegade Game Studios™ and Huch! are excited to announce a reprint of the Roman development game, Trajan! In this award-winning game (designed by Stefan Feld, illustrated by Jo Hartwig), players balance politics, military, trading, and other parts of Roman culture while enjoying a rondel mechanic to plan out their actions.

You can find this title on game shelves beginning December 2018. Pre-order from your Friendly Local Game Store now or through the Renegade Store

110 AD - the Roman Empire is at its height of glory, ruled by the “optimus princeps,” Emperor Trajan. All borders are secured, and people can focus again on the empire’s internal matters -- ROME. Take your chances and boost your power! With the proper tactics, you may outmaneuver your opponents and eventually claim victory.

Players try to score victory points (VP) by taking advantage of opportunities with six different actions. At the end of the game, the player with the most VP is the winner.

To succeed, you must allocate action markers to the trays of your action circle cunningly, trying to catch the best time for certain actions. On the one hand, it is important to make use of sudden opportunities, such as to get hold of attractive tiles. On the other hand, you must not neglect to give other players a hard time at crucial times. To accomplish this, you may need to scheme some of your actions a few turns in advance.

Regardless of the outcome of your first game, you will become more experienced with each new game, always learning new refinements to your strategy.