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Renegade Game Studios Announces Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance Card Game

Who you are at the office very much might not be who you are at home. We all have hobbies that help us get by that others might find strange. Retsuko has her death metal, for example. Balancing your work/home life is the name of the game in the upcoming Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance card game coming from Renegade Game Studios.

From the website:

Aggretsuko is a fast-playing card game for 3-6 players, where each player takes the role of a mild-mannered office worker trying to get through their work each day. If a worker becomes frustrated, they can RAGE to let out their inner heavy-metal rock star. RAGING will provide some much-needed relief from the daily grind, but it may have consequences later on.

The first worker to complete all of their work ends the day. The others must count up the cards left in their hands and record the extra hours that they owe the company. If they have too much work left, they may even have to put in overtime!

Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance is expected in spring 2021. Pre-order your copy today on our web store or at your friendly local game store.