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Remastered Edition of Sidereal Confluence Now Available

Trade negotiations. It might not make for a great way to start a sci-fi movie's plot, but it can be very good for starting off a sci-fi card game's premise. And that's what you have in Sidereal Confluence. If you're looking for a copy and want to get something fancy, you can get the new Remastered Edition now from WizKids.

From the announcement:

WizKids is excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Sidereal Confluence Remastered, an all-new remastered edition of its hit negotiation game, is now available in North American game stores!

With stunning new cover art by celebrated artist Kwanchai Moriya, an updated card layout, cardboard bidding trackers, a teaching guide, and an updated box insert to keep your components safe and sound, this all-new remastered edition of Sidereal Confluence brings the game into a more refined light.

This acclaimed asymmetrical trading game has been a fan and critic favorite since its initial release in 2017. Each player takes on one of nine unique alien species who’ve come the trading table with their own quirks and playstyle. Will you play the highly advanced Unity and introduce a wildcard resource to the game? Or the Kt’Zr’Kt”Rtl and their driving need for green cubes? Turns happen simultaneously, limiting down-time and encouraging players to negotiate. This is no cooperative game, but working with your competitors to negotiate fair trades is the key to progressing your individual goals. Almost everything is up for trade; beyond the typical resources and ships, you’re welcome to license out your technologies, promise future production yields, or even exchange the ownership of one of your colonies.