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Red Banner and Ghost Panzers Preorders Now Live For Flames of War

The battles over in Russia are fierce. Russians and Germans continuously send new arms and men to the front, looking to regain lost land and push the other forces back. It's savage. It's deadly. It's something you can recreate on the battlefield soon with Red Banner and Ghost Panzers, a new batch of pre-releases available to order for Flames of War. Check out stuff that's coming out for the game all the way into January over on the Battlefront site.

From the announcement:

Ghost Panzers and Red Banner pre-orders are now live! Check out the store to see what's coming in the second half of mid-war Eastern Front.

The Soviets get some much-needed reinforcements for Enemy at the Gates with the Light and Heavy Tank-Killer Companies, and the IL- 2 Shturmovik.

Tomorrow, our premium house and terrain subscription goes live, so be sure to check that out to spruce up your battlefield.

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