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Recognition Guide: ilClan, Vol. 23 and 24 Now Available from Catalyst Game Labs

Two new Recognition Guides are available from Catalyst Game Labs for Battletech <whoop! whoop! whoop!> They're ilClan Volume 23 and 24. You can head over and order your copies now.

From the post:

It’s been a long road, but we’re pleased to present the final two installments of BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan, Vol. 23 and Vol. 24. It’s a special double-shot of Rec Guides, as a thank you for bearing with the recent rescheduling during this cycle.

And, a further thank you for your continued support of these products! When we released the first volume back in June of 2020, we couldn’t be sure how things would go. But we’ve been extremely pleased with the excitement you’ve shown for each installment–it’s been a lot of fun to see the discussion around each volume and each ‘Mech as they’ve appeared.

There are many, many people to thank for the success of BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan, but one in particular is deserving of special…recognition. Product developer Johannes Heidler has been the guiding light of this project from its very inception; the Rec Guides would very literally not exist without his hard work and commitment. Thank you, Johannes, from all of us.

Finally, we’re well aware of the immense interest in getting the Rec Guide material in a printed form. We have a plan to tackle doing just that, which we’ll share along with some other news early in the New Year.

For now, please enjoy these two volumes, and from all of us involved in the production and development of BattleTech, best wishes for a peaceful, warm, and healthy holiday season.