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Realms of Atrothia: Primary Expansion RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

The one thing players and GMs want most in an RPG, so I've found, is options. They want more options for their characters, their adventures, their NPCs, everything. Well, players who use the Realms of Atrothia setting for Pathfinder, you're in luck. There's a new Kickstarter campaign up for Realms of Atrothia: Primary Expansion. It's all about new options, over 300 pages worth.

From the campaign:

Featuring over 300 pages of all new game mechanics, such as the Ascended system for running a game beyond 20th character level, and expanded player content, including new archetypes, classes, feats, gear, magic items, races, and spells, Realms of Atrothia: Primary Expansion is sure to capture the imaginations of players, and GMs alike.

Enjoy Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited, but looking for more races to choose from? Don’t worry, all 56 of the updated and re-balanced Legacy Races, as well as your favorite races which pack a little more punch will make an appearance in Realms of Atrothia: Primary Expansion, alongside other monstrous races including gargoyle, medusa, moon-beast, oni, and treant, just to name a few. These normally off-limits races will take advantage of the new Exemplar Primary Class, so you can play all your favorites right from 1st character level!

Looking for adventure? Featuring the “Realms” Campaign Setting, you can adventure through a whole new world where lost civilizations, unexplored jungles, and political intrigue abound. Dine with the Hegemony of Kalmarune's vampire aristocracy. Contend with the Trennian Empire's claim of national superiority through widespread use of black powder. Push back the ever-expanding armies from the forsaken lands of Xer-Kol whose fanatical peoples serve the whims of the god of corruption bound within their borders, Xeronoth. Pass through the Worldwell, and explore planets located all over the incomprehensible vastness of the Material Plane, discovering everything from new forms of life, to new deities. The Realms of Atrothia await.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 25 days.