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Ready Set Battle Card Game Up On Kickstarter

The zombies are attacking! The masses of undead are swarming, and it's up to us to beat them back. But more than mindless shambling husks, these zombies seem to have something directing them. That's what's going on in Ready Set Battle, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Ready Set Battle is easy to learn but takes a zombie lifetime to master. The zombies have risen from their graves in this epic 2 player game.

In the core set you will receive the zombie deck and the human deck. Play as the controlling humans and try to hold off the fast-paced zombies. Build up your power by increasing your military strength and eventually overtake the zombies. Play the thunder down under card to control the pace of the game, and use your dreaded elite card to destroy zombies forever.

Play as the zombies and come out hitting hard and fast. Zombie cards keep coming back each round with larger and larger attacks. Use the zombie dog to give flexibility in the game, and turn your opponent's cards into zombies which really frustrates the opposition.

Win the game by reducing your opponents life to 0. Will the fast-paced zombies win or the controlling humans win? Get ready to battle in this exciting game!

Oh, no you didn't. Oh, yes I did! I built an anime expansion to the game that is a must buy. I wanted the expansion to be a different type of deck than the core game, and the anime expansion brings it with authority. The anime deck allows you to heal but to also deal damage over time. There are also 2 secret elite cards that the other decks don't have. The anime expansion is truly amazing and a powerful addition to the game. A local artist was used to make the anime deck, and I was truly thrilled at how amazing this deck became.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 33 days.