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Rational Magic RPG Campaign Up On Kickstarter

In many fantasy settings, Magic is something wild and untamed that can be tapped into by those with the knowhow. In Rational Magic, the wild and chaos that is magic has been figured out and tamed. It's now something that's just a known constant, and has been used, along with technology, to create a new world. It's into this world that you find yourselves. Will you work with this new society or against it? That's for you to decide. The campaign is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Rational Magic is a campaign filled with investigation, intrigue, and espionage set in a gritty dystopian fantasy world; a world that evolved from a traditional sword and sorcery setting. Players are Operatives who work either to maintain the status quo or rebel against the forces of magical modernity.  Rational Magic is for 5th edition, as well as the Lore System RPG, which was purpose-built for this campaign. 

Rational Magic will be around 200 - 250 pages. Within this book is the following:

  • Settings section for the Rational Magic game world.
  • Description of important NPCs and the city of Nagaplath, a modern magical city-state.
  • Optional rules for handling investigation and espionage in 5e campaigns.
  • At least three scenarios taking place in Nagaplath, forming the first part of the "Rude Awakening" campaign. Each scenario can be completed in 3 - 6 hours on average and the focus is on investigative game play.
  • Factions lists.
  • At least 10 pre-generated player characters.
  • The Lore System rules

The campaign's a bit more than 1/2 funded with 27 days left to go.