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Ranger Allies Pack #1 Now Available From Renegade Game Studios

The Power Rangers have a lot of awesome power (and giant robots). But they're not the only ones out to fight the powers of evil. Sometimes, they need a little help. And in the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid game, you might need a little help as well. Thankfully, the Ranger Allies Pack #1 is now available.

From the release:

In the quest to defeat the evil that threatens our world, sometimes the Power Rangers need a little help! That’s where Ranger Allies come in!

Enhance your game with five legendary heroes from across time and space who have each helped the Rangers in their fight against evil.

This expansion includes various allies including Ninjor, Phantom Ranger, Shadow Ranger, Magna Defender, and Zeo Gold Ranger!

Pick it up now from the Renegade Game Studios webstore or your friendly local game store!