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Quined Games Announces 2nd Edition of Firenze

Quined Games has a whole load of things they're planning on bringing to Spiel. You've already seen a couple announcements, now their third is a new edition of Firenze. Those that've been waiting for this new version should be happy to see that it's also going to be language-independent, with rulebooks in English, German, French, and Dutch included. So quite a large audience can grab this one, put it on their table, and have a good time.

From the announcement:

We hereby introduce our third new release for Spiel 2018: Firenze (2nd edition). This game probably needs less of an introduction, since it was already released back in 2010, was well rated but never became widely available. We are delighted to announce that Firenze finally gets its long-awaited reprint, fully language-independent through the use of simple yet elegant iconography on the games' cards! Just like our other Masterprint releases, rulebooks in English, German, French and Dutch are included.