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Punga Miniatures Previews Canitaurs & Felitaurs Pack 2

Punga Miniatures has been working very hard on their popular (... pupular?) line of Canitaur and Felitaur figures. The first batch sold like hotcakes, with a second one making its way to Kickstarter soon. They wanted to show off a preview page of the campaign so you can get all excited about what's going to be released.

From the campaign:

Here you will find more than 20 high-quality resin miniatures going with the set of special character cards and a booklet with all the setting information that you need to start playing. Part of the figures was able to order since spring 2018 and many of our customers highly rated the quality and sculpt level of miniatures.

All sorts of adventures might await you when you travel amongst the Canitaurs - will you go on a high seas adventure? Hunt in the woods with the greyhound rangers? The Deck of Many: Canitaurs has all these options - and more!