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Pull the Pin Games Announces Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted

There's a lot of specializations in law enforcement. Just being "a cop" isn't where a lot of people end their careers. They might become Negotiators, Crome Scene Analysts, Coroner. And soon, you'll be able to become one as well in Good Cop Bad Cop, the hidden identity game from Pull the Pin Games (formerly Otherworld Games). The new expansion, Promoted, is coming to Kickstarter soon. There'll be special deals for early backers, so if you want to make sure you get in on that, head over and sign up to be notified at launch.

From the announcement:

PULL THE PIN GAMES­­™, formerly Overworld Games®, has announced that the third expansion to their award-winning, classic hidden identity game, Good Cop Bad Cop®, will be called Promoted and it will launch on Kickstarter May 26th. 

This expansion will award medals to players for their heroics in one game, which may get them promoted in the next game. Promotions, such as Negotiator, Crime Scene Analyst, Paramedic, or Coroner will allow a player to take  additional actions on their turn that no one else can, like drawing extra equipment or investigating more cards. Good Cop Bad Cop®: Promoted will be compatible with any combination of base game or previous expansions.

The deluxe version on Kickstarter will add dual layered chipboard to hold a player's medals, custom sleeves to hide card wear, travel-sized organizers for each expansion, and a big box to hold all the Good Cop Bad Cop® content that has ever been made.

Backers will receive a free pack of extra promotions that will be exclusive to them for a limited time. And those who back in the first 24 hours will receive another free gift, so signing up to be notified of the launch ensures they will get that too.

Brian Henk, co-designer of Good Cop Bad Cop® says, "This expansion provides mechanisms that allow you and the players at your table to create a narrative of how they rise through the ranks in their precinct, getting more powerful while still changing allegiances throughout -- it adds to the stories players already tell as they play." The other co-designer, Clayton Skancke, says, "People won't need an excuse to get back together playing games when we get through this pandemic, but we hope that we can make it a little more fun for them when they do with this expansion."