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Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition RPG Up On Kickstarter

I mean, if you had superpowers and could run around in flashy spandex, wouldn't you? I know I would. Unfortunately, I can only live vicariously through Prowlers & Paragons, the superhero RPG from Evil Beagle Games. They've tweaked and finessed the rules over the last couple years, and they're ready to come out with the Ultimate Edition of their game, and they've taken to Kickstarter to get it funded.

From the campaign:

This Kickstarter will fund the release of Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, the second edition of our superhero roleplaying game, and the companion volume Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted, a compendium of villains and information about Pinnacle City.

We also hope to fund two supplements: Modern Gods, an epic modern-day superhero sandbox setting by Sean Patrick Fannon, and Blood & Justice: Shadows of Nocturne, a gritty and mysterious "Iron Age" superhero setting by Bill Keyes.

If things go really well, we have a few surprises in store, as well. 

Originally released in 2013, Prowlers & Paragons proved to be a sleeper hit that developed a loyal fan base and made its way onto a few “Best Of” lists, despite its cult status.

After five years of playing, expanding, revising, and updating the original game and listening to your feedback, Mastermind Len Pimentel called in "Henchman #1" Sean Patrick Fannon to help him create Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

The spirit of the game remains the same, but the rules have been taken apart, refined, and carefully put back together. The new and improved rules have more depth than the original game engine, but they make for a faster, easier, and more exciting experience. 

The Kickstarter's around 2/5 funded with still 19 days left to go.