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Protocol Squared: Eons Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter

Most of the world is oblivious to the strange, supernatural happenings going on around them. They live in blissful ignorance. But you, you know better. You see things others don't. Know things others can't. And it's terrifying. And it's where you find yourself in Protocol Squared: Eons, a new GM-less horror RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Eons is a GMless story roleplaying game about strange horror. The characters are people on the fringes of society who see things other people do not, which believe things that aren't real, and who follow clues into the oblivion of impossible shadows.

Inside the game are four different playsets or pathways to storytelling, with 19 different roles (character classes), and a myriad of charts, this edition includes numerous styles of horror.

  • There's the generic version of Eons which deals with the unknown.
  • There's the ghastly crimes version that preys upon our fears of serial killers and the criminally insane.
  • There's an occult pathway that is self-explanatory.
  • Finally, there's a transcendental horror pathway inspired by our favorite tentacled gods.

Each of these pathways has specific scene and world building charts that make this edition of Eons infinitely replayable.

There are also numerous location charts for switching up the game. You can set Eons in a generic small town like any horror movie in the last 40 years, or someplace specific like Wichita, Kansas.

As you can see in the featured image, the game funded rather quickly. It's at more than 4x funded now with 14 days left to go.