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Protecting the Future Character Class Book Available for Ponyfinder

Soldiers. They've sworn their lives to uphold the honor, integrity, and borders of their nation. It's not a role one takes on easily. That holds true in the world of Ponyfinder, too. This new book from Silver Games contains a new class, the Soldier, written to be compatible with both Pathfinder and 5th Edition. It also takes a look at running a game from a soldier's point of view, that is someone with ties to a specific country, rather than just "murder hobos."

From the website:

The call to be a warrior can reach many different ears. Your country needs you to defend it from menaces internal and alien, but this is a world of magic and mystique. Put aside your notions of simply brandishing a blade or learning how to fire a bow. We need operatives that are just as ecclectic as the forces we face on the battlefield. As a soldier you'll learn to unlock your true potential, developing into the perfect soldier you always wanted to be.

We also go over how to approach running campaigns from the point of view of someone beholden to a nation rather than as a sell-sword adventurer. They can still get into much the same trouble, from a different angle.

A new class, the soldier (10 level prestige class in PF, full 20 level class in 5e), flexible and dynamic. Become a spellcaster, martial adept, or some combination of the two as you perfect your tactics to fight shoulder to shoulder with your allies in the name of your country.

Compatible with Ponyfinder and 5th edition, and Pathfinder roleplaying games.