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Privateer press Announces Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Minis Game

Warmachine, with its arcane turbines and flair for the electronic, especially in the case of factions like Cygnar and the Cult of Cyriss, always had a bit of a sci-fi vibe going for them, if you ask me. Well, now, Privateer Press is leaving nothing to doubt. They're coming out with an actual sci-fi game set in the far future of the Warmachine/Hordes world. It's called Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika and it's coming to Kickstarter soon.

From the post:

Privateer Press has announced that it will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new Hobby Miniatures Hobby Game, Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. Warcaster is a fast-paced skirmish-level wargame, with a brand-new science-fiction setting, set 5,000 years in the future of the Iron Kingdoms setting previously popularized by their games WARMACHINE and HORDES. The new game casts players in the role of Warcasters, psychic heroes charged with leading the armies of their chosen factions. Using the power of Arcanesssence, players power up their squads of infantry, channel spells through wizard-like Weavers, and supercharge their multi-ton machines of war, the warjacks.

The first releases for the game are starter sets for the Marcher Worlds and Iron Star Alliance factions. The Marcher Worlds are a coalition of free worlds and territories who seek to carve their own path among the stars while the Iron Star Alliance are an imperialistic federation who seek to bring order and control to the chaotic nature of the Cyriss galaxy.

Warcaster is a project we’ve wanted to bring to life for many years,” said Matthew D. Wilson, Chief Creative Officer and owner of Privateer Press. “It is the culmination of everything we have learned after 20 years of IP development, game design, miniatures production and publishing.”

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika embraces the idea of customization,” added Jason Soles, lead designer of Warcaster. “For the first time, players can customize which spells their Warcasters can use in battle and which weapons and abilities their warjacks possess.” 

“We have developed an extensive, compelling universe that will allow plenty of room for the many future releases we have in the works,” said Wilson. “We hope our current audience as well as new players will look forward to making a leap with us to the stars.”

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika launches within the next few weeks on Kickstarter and is expected to deliver its first wave of rewards in June of 2020. In addition to stretch goals and rewards for individual backers, the Warcaster Kickstarter will also include a pledge tier for retailers who would like to carry the game in their stores. Visit for a preview of the game, the universe, and the upcoming Kickstarter launch.


  Paul at Feb-20 20
So Tau and PanO? lol! When I first heard about this I thought this might be my way back into WM, but not so sure now. I'll wait to see how this develops.
  arcanepretzel at Feb-20 20
I suppose that's a decent way to get the "Splatter the Warcaster" mechanic out of WM--not have the warcaster as a physical presence. I've not played any Infinity, but it seems like they've got a decent following and they've definitely got lovely minis. Would I play this over Infinity? Well, as a noob, Infinity seems pretty complicated. Perhaps this will be less so? Perhaps they're going after the PP fans?
  choekstra at Feb-21 20
This looks awesome! The idea of customizing your warjack and spells sounds really enticing. PP has done great things, rules wise, with their games. Hoping to see more of that here!