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Privateer Previews July Releases

"Every July, peas grow there... Do you really mean that?" Yes, if by "peas" you mean the new releases from Privateer Press. And that's just what we're getting a look at here.

In the Borderlands and Beyond sourcebook, five new races, three brand-new classes, and twenty-five subclasses expand the options for character creation in Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, and a slew of new backgrounds and adventuring companies stand ready to brave the mysterious, ancient, and untamed lands that lie beyond human civilization's borders. Borderlands and Beyond also includes over a hundred new spells, unique weapons and items, Iosan and Rhulic mechanika and warjack options, and rules for commanding powerful and lethal warbeasts.

In the Borderlands Survival Guide, GMs will find a plethora of variant and optional rules for horrifying diseases, the crippling effects of fear and madness, and hostile environments to put unwary adventurers to the test. The Borderlands Survival Guide, presented by famed monster hunter Alten Ashley and a collection of experts on everything the Iron Kingdoms and its borderlands have in store, has countless ways to surprise even experienced adventurers, including a horde of never-before-seen monsters to test every last ounce of your players' resolve.

Once you've gathered a band of daring adventurers willing to face the perils of the borderlands, prepare to lead them into mist-shrouded Ios in Shadow of the Seeker, where the party will uncover a sinister plot by a corrupted Iosan who once sought to save his ailing gods but now seeks to replace them.

This sturdy four-panel Game Master’s Screen has beautiful imagery and multiple helpful tables, ideal for keeping a GM’s games playing smoothly and providing useful references while concealing notes and dice rolls. The interior tables support all levels of GM ability and give a quick reference for combat, exploration, and travel.

The Shadow of the Seeker Miniatures Set includes each of the six significant NPCs and villains showcased in the Shadow of the Seeker adventure!

With the arrival of the Necroscourge, Zor Macros of the Syndicate became obsessed with nanites that was their self-replicating technology. He integrated them into his Zor suit before testing his concepts of controlling them on the living, all the while realizing he only had a fraction of the power he could if he tapped into the source of the Necroscourge. Zor Macros chose to use his newfound power to open a Nexus directly to the Necroscourge source, a venture that tore him to pieces one atom at a time. Yet a voice spoke to him as his atoms scattered across the cosmos. “You have served me well in life; in death, you shall serve me too. Rise, Zor Necros, and as my vessel you shall have the power you seek.” Thus did Zor Necros’ mind return to his body, now something very different in the darkness.

Necros Shinobi are Shadow Sun Shinobi repurposed by Zor Necros directly. Each is a copy of the personal bodyguards he sacrificed to his scientific ambitions, and now they are his vanguard, replicated in death to eternally serve the swarm. Necros Overlords come directly from the Necroscourge source; they never existed in their current form. Instead, an Overlord is now a collective of each world’s best leaders and warmongers poured into one vessel that upgrades itself with each new world the Necroscourge conquers.

Avarinea remembers a world that was a lush verdant paradise of flowers, trees, valleys, and rivers. But this was not the world Avarinea awoke to after the Vegetyrants’ long hibernation. In place of the trees, she found concrete; where there were once flowers now stood factories. From sea to sea, the kaiju had destroyed it all, and this broke the Earth Mother’s heart. She called a conclave with Stomatavorus Rex and Floruina to weigh the damage done to the planet and from it, the Vegetyrants determined they would once again reset the world to its natural state. Avarinea would return life to its rightful balance, even if they had to drag that life kicking and screaming into the forest.

Humusoids embody the aggressive reclamation of nature brought about by Avarinea. Her awakening has caused the vegetation to become more hostile toward nonplant life. Spore pods are the ground fodder of the Vegetyrant army, laid down as traps or warnings to ward off brave or foolish enemies.