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Privateer Press Updates Release Schedule

With all the things going on in the world, it's no surprise when a company has to shuffle around their release schedule a bit. That'll even happen when everything is fairly normal in the world, let alone how it is now. Anyway, Privateer Press is having to update what all they'll be having for us in a couple weeks.

From the announcement:

For the May 29, 2020 street date the following will be releasing:
51092 Megaton Mashup Monsterpocalypse Gallamaxus (metal/resin) - was previously an April release
51093 Smashville Monsterpocalypse Campaign Product (mixed)
63025 The Four Horseymans Riot Quest Fighter (metal) - was previously an April release
63026 Flubbin Riot Quest Scout (metal) - was previously and April release
63028 Mekanoshredder Riot Quest Guard (metal)
63029 Feora the Forsaken Riot Quest Fighter (metal)


We will not be releasing 51905, 51094, 51095, 51096, 51097 and 63903 in May. We will have an update on those at a later time.

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