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Privateer Press Updates About Releases

Logistics. In a global market, it's a huge web where tugging on one string pulls everything else out of shape. Game Companies do everything they can to make it run smoothly, but it's not easy. Privateer Press has had some issues with releases lately and Matt Wilson is here to give an update about how things are coming along.

From the post:

We know that many of our players and retailers have been frustrated by our recent delays in delivering product, so we’d like to shed some light on the multiple challenges we currently face getting that product to stores. This way, you at least know what the problems stem from and what we’re doing to address them. Some of the issues are within our control, and we are working on solutions for those. Others are external and industry-wide, and we are trying different things to tackle them, but those issues will only be corrected over time as we’re able to find new and better ways to work with the other parties that make up the infrastructure of the hobby game industry.

Internally, we are still cleaning up the aftermath of a company move in September. There’s no sugarcoating it: the move knocked us down. We had nearly 50,000 square feet of warehouse, production, and office space that had to be relocated in a time frame that was much too short. In preparation—during and after the move—our production department was effectively offline for many weeks and is only now getting back up to speed. This caused delays in producing new product as well as in restocking items that had gone out of stock during that time. In order to fulfill the orders we could, many orders were shipped as partials because some items were out of stock until they could be made once our production was back online. But after a partial order ships, the items that were shorted have to be reordered, and this may or may not occur depending on who placed the original order. And if the order doesn’t come through again, it will just never get filled, and the customer waiting on the item may never even know.