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Privateer Press Taking Pre-Orders For Well of Orboros

While the Privateer Press homepage might still be going through some reworking, their store is just fine. As such, they've started taking pre-orders for their next Black Anchor Industries figure. This time, it's the Well of Orboros for Hordes. Pre-order now and you get a free water bottle with your purchase.

From the website:

Preorder the Well of Orboros by March 25th, 2019, and receive a FREE Black Anchor Water
Preorders are expected to ship at the end of April 2019. Preorder quantity is limited to the
first 1,000 preorders. The Well of Orboros will be available as a normal item in the online
store after May 1st.

Black Anchor Heavy Industries Shipping

All BAHI preorders ship for free in the U.S. Any additional items ordered with the
preordered item will ship at the same time as the preordered item.

Attention, EU Customers: Effective immediately, all Black Anchor EU orders will ship from
the UK in order to eliminate additional local fees EU customers have been subject to in the
past. Orders will ship once per month from our Liverpool location. All BAHI preorders will
continue to ship for free internationally if they are ordered alone. Shipping charges for
additional items ordered with the preorder are reduced by 50% (applied after customer
selects a shipping option at checkout) and will ship with the preordered items.

Among the many powerful elemental tools built by the blackclads of the Circle Orboros, the
Wells of Orboros are perhaps the most versatile and awe inspiring. Most of these floating
edifices are ancient, having been built by former omnipotents at places of special
convergence. They tap into the sprawling ley line network of Caen, and by that connection,
each can facilitate the crossing of vast distances by forces of the Circle Orboros. The energy
that passes through them can be drawn upon to invoke seismic upheavals or to bolster and
empower both wolds and druids in their vicinity. A well has no will of its own, but each
responds instantly to the thoughts of blackclad leaders in a way that seems alive and