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Privateer Press Taking Pre-Orders For Dawnguard Trident Battle Engine

The next Black Anchor Industries pre-order is going on now. If you get your name on the list to get the Dawnguard Trident before December 3rd, your order will also include a free Black Anchor Industries pin.

I mean, that's no oven mit, like you could get with a previous order, but pins are cool.

From the post:

Preorder the Dawnguard Trident by December 3rd, 2018, and receive a FREE Black Anchor

Preorder Dawnguard Tridents will ship beginning December 15, 2018; all orders that include the Trident will ship beginning December 15. All other orders will ship as soon as possible after receipt.
Preorder quantity is limited to the first 1,000 preorders.
The Dawnguard Trident will be available as a normal item in the
online store after January 5th.
Preorders are NOT eligible for coupons or discounts.

The Trident is an excellent ranged piece that also provides utility to any Dawnguard army.
With its ability to place friendly models as it moves, it can pull friendlies out of danger or
increase threat ranges of key models to ensure they get where they need to go. Its massive
thresher cannons can output an impressive amount of firepower when combined with some
of the ranged-centric warcasters of the Retribution such as Ravyn, Eternal Light and Lord
Arcanist Ossyan.