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Privateer Press Seeks Metal Caster

There's a lot of possible places for jobs that can fit your personality in the gaming industry. If you're one for math and figuring out things like that, there's game design. If you're one for language, there's writing and proofing. If you like getting your hands dirty and working with molten metal, there's minis construction. Privateer Press is looking to add a new Metal Caster to their team.

From the announcement:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The metal caster is a full-time entry-level position. The primary duties are to assist the production casting team. These duties include but are not limited to:
• Cleaning masters
• Spruing masters for mold lay-up
• Designing mold lay-up schemes for difficult parts
• Trouble-shooting mold performance problems
• Minimize material usage and labor costs
• Maximize efficiency of molds and their creation
• Solicit feedback from casting to improve molds
• Achieve daily quota for parts produced
• Assisting with special projects as required on an as needed basis
• Other duties as necessary