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Privateer Press Seeks Convention Coordinator

Do you like games? Do you like conventions? Do you like gaming conventions? Are you exceedingly detail-oriented and can manage several projects at once? If so, you might be just what Privateer Press is looking for. They are in the market for a new Convention Coordinator. If you're the right gamer for the job, send in your resume and apply.

From the announcement:

The Convention Manager is responsible for overseeing the Privateer Press Convention department. The Convention Manager is responsible for Privateer Press’ pre-show logistical planning and preparation for the various conventions it attends, as well as attending those conventions in person to work and manage onsite when necessary. As such, frequent travel is to be expected and is required of the position. Conventions that the Convention Manager will be tasked with working on include but are not limited to Sales (e.g., Gen Con), Industry (e.g., GAMA), Distributor (e.g., open houses), and Internal (e.g., Lock & Load).

Duties Include:

  • Managing the crew of the Privateer Press Convention team.
  • Working on crew travel arrangements, including sourcing and booking flights, hotels, and onsite transportation as needed.
  • Sourcing drayage to and from the convention.
  • Managing pre-convention arrangements, including coordinating booth electric and phone needs; working with the Marketing Manager to coordinate Press Media needs; and ensuring all necessary paperwork has been completed as required by the show venue.
  • Ensuring that all necessary supplies are packed and shipped to the conventions including but not limited to booth parts and supplies, product and promotional materials for sales, all necessary demo materials, and all necessary tournament material including prize support, terrain, and equipment.
  • Concept and determine the booth/display layout and the logistical and pre-planning coordination needs to ensure that said layout is packed and shipped to the specific convention. The Convention Manager will also be responsible for sourcing and working with various trade show production companies on acquiring new booth material and pieces.
  • Working with our Production team to ensure proper product inventory at conventions at which we vend. This includes working with the Director of Business, Marketing Manager, and Director of Operations to establish what product will be available and at what needed quantities as well as determining the flooring and display plans for product at the show.
  • Sourcing new promotional items to be used at both official Privateer Press conventions and as official support items for third-party conventions that feature Privateer Press games and products.
  • Ensuring all sales arrangements have been completed for shows at which Privateer Press will be vending product. This includes cash register preparation and upkeep and filing appropriate vending paperwork.
  • Maintaining records of convention sales from cash register reports at conventions where Privateer Press has a vendor presence.

The Convention Manager may be tasked with assisting or overseeing various on-site convention personal logistics and scheduling such as: convention personnel training, assisting the Volunteer Coordinator with volunteer scheduling and management, Privateer Press staff coordination, assisting the Organized Play Developer with game tournament scheduling and staffing, demo coordination, and RPG event coordination.