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Privateer Press Releases Doom Reaver Barbarian Path for IKRPG

The Doom Reavers were one of the first things I saw for the Iron Kingdoms and, honestly, what got me into the setting to begin with. And now, if I were in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game, I could play one. The Doom Reaver Barbarian Path is the first bit of DLC content available for the game. You can get yours now.

From the article:

DLC: It ain’t just horse armor and hats!

We are starting to release digital-only content offerings that focus on iconic aspects of the Iron Kingdoms setting and allow us to get a steady stream of content into your hands (also digitally!).

For the inaugural offering, get ready to release your inner fury with the new Path of the Condemned. This new Barbarian path introduces the ferocious and delirious doom reaver to the game and includes rules for playing doom reavers, lore about the part the doom reavers played in the Claiming, and has stat blocks for some of the most infamous figures to ever pick up a fellblade.