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Privateer Press Previews the Oblivion Campaign

After a small delay, the Oblivion campaign arc is getting started for Warmachine and Hordes. This new campaign will include several new rules for players to utilize. Plus, there's something that's not often seen in Warmachine, character death. Yeah, if you lose a character during a game, there's a chance they could simply be dead-dead and you can't use them for the rest of said campaign.

From the article:

I’ve seen the rumbling of people waiting eagerly for the second installment of the Oblivion campaign. It unfortunately got delayed a little due to current events, but dev is on it, and now it is nearly complete. Welcome to Oblivion Campaign: Fate of Caen!

Death reigns supreme over Caen as the desperate armies of the Iron Kingdoms prepare for the coming darkness. Players will pick up at the end of the campaign Stygian Prophecies with the portents of a coming siege on the powerbases of mankind.

The prologue will follow the desperate attempts to delay or accelerate a siege on a major city. The corruptors will seek to gorge themselves on the souls of the residential areas of the city, while the guardians will cling to the hope that their leadership can lead them through this horrific nightmare.