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Privateer Press Previews Thornfall Theme Force For Hordes

With Oblivion, Warmachine and Hordes are getting something of a new edition. There's certainly going to be some changes to the game, not least of which are the updates to how Theme Forces work. They've given us a generalized, "So, Theme Forces are changing" article. This time around, they get more into the specifics by showing off the Thornfall Alliance. They gonna make you squeal, piggy!

From the post:

WARMACHINE: Oblivion is almost here, and with it comes the massive theme force remix you’ve likely heard so much about. If you missed the news, let’s get you up to speed first! Check out Jeff Olsen’s Insider explaining the new Requisition system here, or go watch the Oblivion video from Lock & Load 2019 here.

All caught up? Excellent, let’s dive into today’s topic. To the shock of literally no one, I am going to be talking about one of the Minion theme forces. Specifically, everyone’s favorite piggy scavengers, the Thornfall Alliance.

Congrats, Farrow and Minions players, you’ve got some very exciting stuff coming up—not only the remixed theme forces but also a balance update to be released right around the launch of Oblivion. For Minions, the majority of the changes in this dynamic update are all Farrow based. I’m talking point drops, some new rules, all the good stuff. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s start with the theme.

The models usable in the Thornfall Alliance are basically the same as pre-remix, but a few new options have been added to the menu.