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Privateer Press Previews Steamjacks in Requiem

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! What's setting it off are the hulking Steamjacks from the Iron Kingdoms. In this preview of Requiem, the new setting book for the Iron Kingdoms RPG, Privateer Press focuses on their iconic constructs.

From the article:

It’s time for another look at the steam-powered world of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game as our Kickstarter for Iron Kingdoms: Requiem gains steam of its own. Today, we are talking about everyone’s favorite cuddly, multi-ton mechanical monstrosities. Steamjacks—and their combat variant warjacks—are integral to the Iron Kingdoms. In cities, you’ll see them steadily laboring on myriad projects, and on the battlefield, they command all combatants’ attention as massive death machines wielding melee weapons the size of people and opening fire with full-sized cannons.