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Privateer Press Previews Sons of the Tempest Theme Force for Warmachine

Privateer Press is continuing their look at the updated Theme Forces coming in Oblivion. We've seen a lot of Hordes ones, but how about a Warmachine one? That's what we get today. Cygnar's the faction. It used to be my main faction. Will this new update bring me back into the lightning shrouded fold? Let's find out.

From the website:

With the Oblivion update quickly approaching, various spoilers have appeared here and there, as have Insiders like this one. But this particular Insider is a little different in that I don’t work for Privateer Press! Some of you might know me as Tom Bell, others will know me as LuckGod, and if you’re a member of the Cygnar community, it’s likely you’ve seen something I’ve written.

I’ve been asked to write this Insider because of my championing of this theme, and I’m pleased to be talking to you today about “Sons of the Tempest”!