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Privateer Press Previews September Releases

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! The triggering story is that Privateer Press is showing off their upcoming September releases. That includes stuff for most of their games, and, of course, some giant robots for Monsterpocalypse, among others. Let's take a look.

No matter where the wars of Cygnar may take her, Lieutenant Gwen Keller traverses the battlefield with the swiftness and ferocity of a lightning storm. With her glaive and grenades she leaves the enemies of her nation scorched by voltaic power, and she will not relent until her mission is complete. The knights she leads know her to be loyal and resolute; the opponents she faces in battle know her to be a warrior with few equals.

The Aeternae myrmidon was manufactured by House Vyre at the behest of House Ellowuyr as compensation for an unknown agreement. Aeternae myrmidons feature some of the latest Vyre innovations in warjack weaponry. They wield a pair of Distortion Voulges, massive bladed weapons that cause their enemies to reverberate with arcane energy and be repelled with each successful blow. This upgrade kit includes head, arms, and weapons.

The barbarous farrow Agata calls herself a queen, and her kingdom realm is one of slaughter and blood. Waging a never-ending campaign of vicious savage raids and seemingly random attacks across the Iron Kingdoms, Agata is a ferocious and unpredictable opponent. Her qualities as a leader are similar, and they have earned her esteem among the most vicious sorts of farrow in western Immoren.

Everything changed when the Harbinger Comet struck Earth. In the dark weeks following the comet's impact, humanity could do nothing against the new threats that suddenly appeared. Utilizing shards from the harbinger, governments pooled their resources to develop incredible technologies on madly accelerated timetables. The international organization G.U.A.R.D. combined the greatest minds the world over with nearly limitless resources. As a result, just a year from the day the comet fell, Defender X became the first true protector of humanity worldwide.

Gorghadra has led the Planet Eaters on a crusade across the galaxy that has consumed countless worlds. When this galactic plague arrived at Earth, there was no reason to expect anything other than trifling resistance; however, the planet houses many secrets—some unknowable terrors and others, stalwart defenders. Gorghadra was not prepared for what came next as the Monsterpocalpyse began and massive battles between terrible enemies sprung up across the globe. Despite this setback, Gorghadra knows all will be consumed by the Planet Eaters. It is inevitable.

Before becoming part of the Legion of Mutates, Numitor was the ultimate survivalist and conservationist, living most of his adult life among various wolf packs. In the days of the Monsterpocalypse, however, the entire human race is now in need of conservation. Although he had no military training, his insight into the mentality of packs and their hunting behaviors proved invaluable to the newly formed legions of human animal hybrids. He was quickly chosen from among thousands of potential candidates for the project: Numitor.

Shriekers and hoppers often act as reconnaissance forces within the Legion of Mutates. They are able to handle information-gathering with their unnaturally fast movements and potent stealth abilities that come naturally to their new forms. Should they be forced to fight, however, they are by no means defenseless. They are capable of scything through lightly armored combatants and quickly falling back before they can get surrounded. Any Legion of Mutates force will contain at least a few of these intelligence agents.

The sky splits in half over a cityscape battlefield where the G.U.A.R.D. are trying desperately to hold back a tide of Cthulian invaders. Slowly the two halves of the sky push apart, revealing an endless swirling mass of power. Even before The Conductor enters this dimension, reality begins to warp. The horrifying Lords of Cthul find themselves suddenly far from the battlefield, even their arcane knowledge insufficient to understand what had happened. Each of G.U.A.R.D.’s enemies are replaced by strange shapes, swirling blades, floating monoliths, and odd spheres. A moment of calm pervades over the battlefield before as the human forces are faced with the crushing despair of watching all laws of physics break down.

Nothing will prepare you to watch as your forces are torn apart by the whirling blades of the dervishes. Even more unsettling is that as soon as they finish their dance of death, they disappear, leaving behind only the sound of scything blades. One might think to chase them while they retreat, but you will find that pathways, once open to travel, have closed, alleyways unnaturally sealing themselves shut and winding trails fading from existence. Even while you try desperately to fight against those horrible blades, the tuners float silently overhead, making adjustments to the matter around them.