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Privateer Press Previews November Monsterpocalypse Releases

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert time again. Monsterpocalypse is usually one that sets it off, and today's no difference. We get a look at two new giant monsters in robot form that are coming to the game later this month.

From the article:

November comes with some shocking new models for Monsterpocalypse. Even as the Mythic Monsterpocalypse board game Kickstarter heats up, we are full-steam ahead with new releases of our own. It is important to note that neither of these models will be part of the Mythic Kickstarter campaign.

This month features more alternate elite sculpts, specifically the S-Type Shinobi, Bellower, Courser, Toxxo, Squix, and Shinobot. Along with these sets of awesome new sculpts come two much-anticipated new monsters: Robo Kondo and Zor-Voltis. So, November’s theme is electricity, with a super-charged Ubercorp mechanical monstrosity and an electrically enhanced shinobi. Now let’s get to the rules for these two monsters.