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Privateer Press Previews New Orgoth Units for Warmachine

Two more Orgoth units for Warmachine are on preview for you from Privateer Press. They're headed back to the shores of Western Immoren to once more conquer all they seen. Check out the Warwitch Coven and Assault Reavers.

The warwitch covens that accompany the Orgoth into battle are Nocturne initiates of the order trained in the Path of Shadows. They support their armies in the field, sowing dark magic and empowering the Orgoth warjacks with their hell-born power, reveling in their rise to power and their ability to command death and destruction.

The assault reavers are the pack hunters of the Orgothhost. Armed with cruel, Blaze core-fueled harpoons, they stalk their prey during battle, harassing enemy lines and pulling apart their formations. Despite their heavy armor, these swift-moving brigands are the masters of any terrain, as they are trained and then used to hunt down the savage beasts pressed into the Orgoth’s brutal service.