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Privateer Press Previews New Monsters for Monsterpocalypse

A bunch of new monsters are going to be coming to Monsterpocalypse soon. And Privateer Press is giving you the scouting report on what they're capable of. Head on through to check out these colossal fighters for yourself.

From the article:

Plants vs. zombies a tale as old as time.

From the first collision of antimatter, life and death have always been anathema. Forever ouroboros to one another chasing the other’s tail for eternity. Such has been the case when the Necroscourge reached the Vegetyrant homeworld. Buzzing hives of verdant life dotted every corner of the glorious green and blue orb, which shone like a beacon to the Necroscourge Hive Queen.

When the planet was still young, she and her Necroscourge kind arrived like a cloud of flies ready to snuff out the planet. But life had other plans. The ancient protectors of the planet fought back. And in a final desperate act, the Vegetyrants harnessed the power of a solar flare to wipe the Necroscourge swarm from the planet.

For centuries they lay dormant, slowly becoming forgotten parts of the landscape. But that was only until the Swarm returned. Galamaxus, the herald of the Necroscourge, evaded or destroyed every planetary protector they came upon. It took until the day the Triton Crustaceor fell to the Swarm and became Karkinos that Stomatavorus Rex awoke to war.

The natural balance of life on the planet had shifted, and Stomatavorus Rex emerged from a forgotten part of the South American rainforest to move with single-minded focus directly toward the nearest Swarm. In the dead of night, Rex found Karkinos; life and death were once again on a collision course in an epic struggle, matter versus antimatter. Rex’s onslaught drove Karkinos into deeper water, and ultimately the two smashed against an offshore oil drill and a nearby chemical tanker, exploding them and igniting the oil to set the night sky ablaze. The Fireproof lobster grappled with Rex, keeping him from escaping the flames, and Karkinos would have completely ravaged the elemental, yet Stomatavorus Rex drew upon his ancient powers to manipulate the strands of fate in its favor. Rex freed himself from the monster’s claws and fought back with series of vicious attacks that tore into Karkinos’ Fireproof carapace. Retaliating, Karkinos cut off one of the mighty elemental’s snapping vines, distracting Rex long enough for the void lobster to dive to escape. Black smoke filled the night sky, silhouetting Rex in the glow of the fire. Karkinos was nowhere to be seen. And Rex knew: it was time to awaken the rest of the Vegetyrants.