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Privateer Press Previews New Monsterpocalypse Rules

This month will see a titanic change in Privateer Press' kaiju battle game, Monsterpocalypse. If you're looking to see what some of those changes are, Privateer has posted an article talking about some of them. They've also gone into detail about some of the timelines for the release of these new products.

From the article:

Today is Monsterpocalypse Document Dispersal Day! Many of you have seen our recent stream or have been keyed in to the discussions about the updates coming to Monsterpocalypse. Today, I’ll go over all the changes in one location as well as share some of my thoughts as a developer.

To begin, let’s go over everything that’s happening over the course of this month and today, in particular. Two new starter products, one for each Agenda, are finally on their way at the end of the month, and with them comes a remix rulebook. And in addition to that rulebook is a dynamic update to update the rules of several older models. The dynamic update serves three primary purposes: to bring more balance to the game, to remove some problematic interactions holding back development of new models, and to update the wording of some rules with the core rule changes in mind. Finally, there’s a small update to Crush Hour, the tournament system designed for Monsterpocalypse.

All of the documents and other supporting PDFs will be available today. That includes the new Monsterpocalypse remix rulebook, updated errata/FAQ, Crush Hour, and the PDFs of printable versions of all cards with errata. Later this week, physical versions of all of the cards with significant rules changes from the dynamic update will be available on our online store. We have done our best to ensure that the cost of shipping those card bundles will be as low as possible, so hopefully people all over the world will not find the cost prohibitive.

With the logistics out of the way, let’s move on to the rulebook. There are two significant core rule changes, along with some smaller edits that clean up wording across the entire document. Those two changes are to make the power attack Ram stronger and to provide a new concept, Full Advance.