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Privateer Press Previews New Elemental Champions for Monsterpocalypse

There's a new Protectors starter set coming soon for Monsterpocalypse. In that set, there will be some new figures. Want to know what they'll be like before they hit store shelves? Well, you're in luck, as that's just what Privateer Press is showing off today.

From the article:

The mysterious Elemental Champions continue to amass their magical energies to fulfill their duty of protecting the earth during the Monsterpocalypse. In particular, Hurricanius employs the power of the sky in her battle against those that would destroy her world. In fact, she controls all aspects of the sky: air, storm, clouds, and lightning. Appropriately enough, fighting Hurricanius is said to be like bringing a bucket to contain a hurricane.

The new Elemental Champions models will be released in the new Protectors starter set in just a few months, along with an updated rulebook and two never-before-seen maps. Today, let’s take a look at Hurricanius, her new units, and one of the new maps.

The storm quickly builds to a shattering crescendo.