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Privateer Press Previews New Crucible Guard Releases For Warmachine

Privateer Press is showing off another couple Crucible Guard figures for Warmachine. They're the latest faction to be hitting the table, and compared to the others, they can use all the releases they can get to get some more options out there. This time around, there's the Trancer solo, and a new version of a pretty old design, the Retaliator, based on the old Vanguard chasis.

A variant chassis of the esteemed Llaelese Vanguard built by the Order of the Golden Crucible, the Retaliator has been outfitted with an advanced alchemical weapon system. This enthalpic distillator can fire a spray of one of several compounds. The effects vary from a violent blast capable of knocking adversaries off their feet to an incendiary accelerant or a caustically corrosive agent.

Trancers are subjected to powerful alchemical substances to unlock violent psychokinetic powers. Chosen from among terminally ill volunteers, this process creates short-lived but potent living weapons employed by the Crucible Guard. With but a thought they can send adversaries flying back with lethal force, and when one perishes, the volatile energies within them are unleashed in an explosion to obliterate everything around them.