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Privateer Press Previews New Archons for Warmachine/Hordes

The archons are powerful representations of various forces in the world of Warmachine and Hordes. Some new ones are slated to be hitting tabletops soon, and Privateer Press wanted to let you all look at just what they will be like in battle.

From the article:

There are loads of exciting new releases coming up in the world of WARMACHINE & HORDES! We just saw the release of the newest Legion of Everblight models, soon to be followed by new Trollblood models. In today’s article, we want to give you a rules sneak peek at what’s coming just after the children of Dhunia have their day!

DISCLAIMER: The rules previewed today are currently in playtest and are subject to change before release.

Between the Trollblood model block and the upcoming Retribution model block (in early 2021), there will be three new models released, two archons and a dragoon! If you caught the 2020 Privateer Press keynote, then you no doubt spotted a couple of these.

First up, let’s take a look at the Death Archon. This mysterious entity is the physical incarnation of carnage, death, and mortality itself. For reasons unknown to the citizens of the Iron Kingdoms, the Death Archon does not play well with the other divine archons. In fact, it seems to hate them!

The Death Archon wades into battle reaping the corpses of any mortals foolish enough to stand in its way. Thanks to the massive melee RNG on both of its Iron Reapers, as well as its Sidestep and Blood Reaper abilities, the Death Archon can mow down infantry by the score. As it accumulates corpses, the Death Archon can also provide some utility to your army by providing a 10˝ Mortal Fear aura. Perhaps most terrifying of all is the Death Archon’s Vendetta against all other types of Archons. It sure is mad about something!