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Privateer Press Previews Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup

Monsterpocalypse <whoop! whoop! whoop!>, yes, it always sets off the Giant Robot Alert. Players control their kaiju of choice and fight against their enemy. But in an upcoming twist, players will instead be teaming up to take out a monster controlled by the game itself. That's what we get a look at in this article for Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup. <whoop! whoop! whoop!>

From the post:

April is here, and with it comes a whole new way to play Monsterpocalypse!

Just before Lock & Load 2019, we held a development meeting about the future of our games, and the topic turned to Monsterpocalypse. At that point, the game was nearly one year old, and we’d already been having casual conversations about new things to add to the game. New Faction discussions had become pretty locked in, but other things to do with the game were less certain. My two biggest priorities in that meeting were to determine a way for two people to cooperate against a monster controlled by game mechanics and to outline a way for a bunch of people to play in a campaign.

If you’ve been paying attention to our solicitations, you know that this month is the release of one of those and next month sees the release of the other. I’ll save the Smashville campaign for another Insider and just talk about Megaton Mashup in this one.