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Privateer Press Previews March Releases

I know. We're not even done with 2021 yet and here we are, talking about March 2022. It might feel like an eternity away, but it'll be here before you realize it. And when it gets here, it'll be bringing some new Privateer Press releases along with it. Let's take a look at what's in store.

To kill a god, you must wield the power of a god, and the Queen of Ixmiqui sought to do just that. Though a mortal, she knew her people were mightier than any malefic deity who wanted to extinguish their existence. She called upon her nation’s greatest minds to help her, and the First Guardians smiths crafted a spear so powerful, it was capable of raining lightning down on its enemies. Her sorcerers used their magic to imbue her with the power of the sun itself. And together with her nation’s greatest tacticians, she devised a plan so cunning that even a god wouldn’t see it coming. With spear in hand, she ascended into the sky to join the Master of Xotolt in the oncoming war against the Ancient Ones.

The Lord of Mictal did not need any persuading to join The Ancient Ones—their worship of death drew the god of the underworld to them. It appears on the killing fields as a titanic ghoulish skeleton. War is nothing more than a game to this monster, one where it seeks to be the champion. It was out of self-preservation that The King of Camazotz aligned himself with the Lord of Mictal, knowing it was better to have death on his side than as his enemy. Together, these titans of terror bring a nearly unstoppable tide of darkness.

From the back of its lumbering mount, the Ranger Outrider strides the battlefield, making quick work of the opposition with its mechanikally augmented long rifle. Should the enemy wander too close, they are certain to be pulverized beneath the beast’s crushing weight and thunderous tread.

Warchief Malek Sezzar is a hard-bitten combat veteran and commander who has survived countless conflicts across the Thousand Worlds. Constantly on the move and demanding the same of the soldiers who follow him into battle, Warchief Sezzar can utilize his Command Interface to spike to remove activation tokens from Ranger squads.

The Automech is a robotic mechanic specializing in the maintenance of warjacks. In addition to its repair and warjack-supporting capabilities, the Automech also sports a powerful short-range flamethrower and repair tools that can double as deadly close-combat weaponry.

Major Aysa Drayce is among the ISA’s most skilled strategists and tacticians. A rising star renowned throughout the Alliance, Drayce’s natural capabilities are further enhanced by her Neural Command Web, which adds a menu of enhancing capabilities that may be unleashed in battle to augment the effectiveness of those under her stern command.

The Vassal Bosses rise from the ranks of the labor unions and brutal gangs who typically feed the Vassals their raw recruits. Serving as lieutenants on the battlefield, the Vassal Bosses are skilled commanders and deadly combatants, armed with armor-piercing heavy submachine guns.

The product of diabolical arcane and biological experimentation, Phaetheon is a wrathful spirit of vengeance encased in cloned flesh. Though his physical form may perish—and has more times than he can count—his dark spirit rises to complete the Temple’s business before returning to the Continuum in his wraithly form.

The Heavy Saber is essentially an autonomous walking siege engine. Armed with a light Meteor Cannon and Protean Forge, this mechanikal servitor solo nearly packs the punch of a warjack.

Having long served the Empyreans as a Weaver in their wars of unification, for a time Aurelion retreated to the sanctity of the Great Constellation before being recalled to service. Having been initiated into the secrets of the Architect’s divine engineering, Aurelion has integrated all manners of potent and powerful arcane machinery into his strange form.