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Privateer Press Previews Malvin and Mayhem For Riot Quest and Warmachine

Who controls Barter Town? If you asked them, Malvin and Mayhem would say that they do. They're the new dynamic duo coming to Riot Quest and Warmachine. A deranged goblin genius, Malvin has created his own heavy warjack, Mayhem, and upgraded it in many ways. Soon, you'll be able to bring this clattering hulk to your tabletops. Let's check it out.

From the article:

Who doesn’t love a good boss fight at the end of a level? I know we do, and that’s exactly why we’re capping off this first season of Riot Quest with the Malvin & Mayhem Boss Fight expansion.

This expansion is packed to the brim with villainous value. You get a brand-new way to play Riot Quest via the co-op boss fight. You get a new Hero to add to your standard games of Riot Quest by playing Malvin & Mayhem’s non-boss version, along with five (!) unique gear cards just for them. And finally, you get a model that you can play in a ton of WARMACHINE and HORDES armies. Let’s cover all three of these separately, shall we?

First off, let’s begin with the new Boss Fight co-op mode of Riot Quest. To play a Boss Fight you need:

  • 1–4 players (yup you can play solo, but I will warn you: solo can be kind of tough)
  • 1 Boss model
  • That model’s Boss deck and stat card
  • The one-page rules insert explaining the handful of special rules used when playing a Boss Fight