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Privateer Press Previews June Releases

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup! It's a Privateer Press preview of new releases. That's almost guaranteed to trip the Giant Robot Alert. So, let's see what new Warcaster and Monsterpocalypse goodies will be coming that month.

In their bid to take Earth, the Martians continue to build ever-more powerful machines. Phobos-7 is the ultimate terraformer, destroying any trace of humanity and leaving behind naught but ash. Those foolish enough to try stopping Phobos-7 find it is built for much more than terraforming. Get on the wrong side of its lasers, and you will be left with an empty chasm where your forces once existed.

The smoking wreckage of the once-powerful G.U.A.R.D. mech, Laser Knight, sat for weeks after its defeat; the organization that commanded it could not risk forces to retrieve and repurpose what was left behind. When they could finally spare Defender X to assist, they returned to the battlefield only to find scattered bits and pieces of the wreckage. Laser Knight was gone.

The radicals of the Green Fury had seen the blight caused by the gigantic weapons made by their corrupt government. They decided it was time the true stewards of the earth do what they do best: scavenge and reuse. Appropriating wreckage from battlefields all over the world, they turned the signs of their oppression into a true freedom fighter: Earth Knight.

The Earth’s protectors have been quick to evolve in response to a battlefield that grows more perilous by the day.

Scientists within G.U.A.R.D. continue to expand upon their creations, generating specialized devices for their ace pilots. These elite Exo-Armors can produce more firepower but not without a cost. The higher cost and added strain of operating them mean they do not lend themselves well to being mass produced.

Within a clutch of massive Carnidon eggs, an even more frightening variant is sometimes born. Carnidons of this elite caste are significantly more intelligent than their brothers and sisters, able to guide their brood-siblings into tactically advantageous battles few enemies would suspect the Terrasaurs even capable of.

Many find the technology of the Empire of the Apes crude; however, those fools have underestimated the bizarre craftsmanship of the scientists of the empire. From mere scraps, they can create wondrous inventions few humans can understand. All the while, the empire is constantly finding novel approaches to similar designs and militaristic goals.

In the face of greater resistance than they could have ever expected, those who would seek the Earth’s destruction continue to advance their machinations.

Occasionally a Planet Eater will find it is able to absorb more energy from the comet shard than others of its ilk. As they gorge themselves on the emanations, they grow stronger and tougher; such creatures are always recognized and feared by their brethren.

Spewing from their chaotic dimension, the Lords of Cthul are never uniform. Some—like the rare elite Snatcher—grow horrifying spines, which they can utilize through their odd, almost impossible movements to great effect.

Human scientists marvel at the unfathomable technology of the Martian Menace. They do not know how it is possible, but the newest Reapers can somehow draw upon an even deeper reservoir of energy. These elite Reapers scour the land with more powerful weaponry packed into the same approximate frame.

A triumph of decentralized engineering, the Razorbat is the primary light battle tank of the Marcher Worlds. Its powerful anti-gravity generator is strong enough for the craft to achieve near-flight for short periods of time, and every pilot learns early how to “hit the jump.” The vehicle is propelled by a heavy plasma propulsion engine that is fuel efficient in the extreme, a requirement for Marcher machines defending distant outposts that may go months or years without resupply. The Razorbat is operated by a crew of two: a pilot and a gunner. The pilot operates the vehicle from the front and has control over the Razorbat’s front mounted, semi-autonomous Cyclone Cannon. The gunner sits in the top-mounted turret and mans the Razorbat’s primary weaponry.

The ISA Interceptor is a compact and fast-moving speeder that relies on complex mechanikal systems to generate a field of anti-gravity for lift. Propulsion is provided by a trio of thrusters stabilized by small, front-mounted fixed wings, resulting in an agile and responsive machine that is a joy to fly and a terror to face in the skies. Though light for a combat vehicle, the Interceptor’s speed and maneuverability are without compare. The standard light pursuit vehicles of the ISA’s Paladin forces, the Interceptor features a pair of fixed mounted assault rifles as its stock weaponry. An additional hardpoint is set into the underbelly of the speeder that can accommodate a number of weapon options.

A truly cantankerous workhorse, the Scythe is a fearsome aerial combat vehicle developed by the Aeternus Continuum. Despite some unevenness in flight, the Scythe is capable of remaining combat ready and effective even in the face of structural damage that would cripple a lesser vehicle. With its weapons mounted on its wings, the Scythe features a unique rolling or flipping wing design that allows the pilot to change the configuration of its armament in the midst of battle. This armament consists of a brutal fixed fusion blade on one wing paired a modular hardpoint on the other. It is the this fixed wing blade that gives the Scythe its name. The potent and reckless weapon is designed to cleave through both enemy craft and the troops who dare face the Continuum in battle. The modular hardpoint can be equipped with a variety of weapon options, including a Heavy Displacer, Heavy Stinger Cannon, and a Hollowphage Cannon.

As the Empyreans make their presence felt throughout the galaxy, their legions are accompanied by heavily armed autonomous attack vehicles. The Zenith is inarguably among the most advanced combat craft to stalk the war zones of the Hyperuranion in the past millennia. Operating in perfect coordination with Empyrean ground forces, Zeniths typically move quickly to eliminate incoming threats as Saber legions take up positions across the battlefield. The Zeniths are armed with integral ion blasters that draw on internal reserves of power while the robotic vehicle is charged with Arc. The Zeniths are also equipped with a single modular hardpoint, giving them access to weaponry frequently integrated into Empyrean warjacks, such as Force Shield Generators, Heavy Antiminators, and Nova Cannons.