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Privateer Press Previews July Monsterpocalypse Releases

This could almost count as a Terrain Corner article if the buildings in Monsterpocalypse weren't a vital part of the gameplay. Privateer Press is going on a building boom (and in Monsterpocalypse, you might just make buildings go boom, too). This month's releases for the game are a quartet of buildings to help make sure your giant monster is the one standing at the end.

From the preview:

This month is a little different than normal: it’s all buildings all the time!

Welcome to Monsterpocalypse Building Month, 2021. This Building Month has four new bases, one each for the Masters of the 8th Dimension, the Subterran Uprising, the Legion of Mutates, and the Tritons. Despite being Faction bases, I am confident all Monsterpocalypse players will find something interesting to play with in this selection of buildings.